Bear Woman Rising’s One Year Anniversary!

One year ago, August 20, 2020, my novel Bear Woman Rising was published by Inword Publishers. After more than a decade spent writing and rewriting my story, the first time I held a copy of Bear Woman Rising in my hands, I felt like a new mom, proud yet uncertain how to introduce my creation to the world.

What a year it’s been!

First, I had to learn on the job how to promote my story through my website, FaceBook page, Goodreads, YouTube, and LinkedIn sites. While I provided blog texts and descriptive wording, Inword Publisher’s Bhakti Rasa created inviting layouts and beautiful illustrations. In addition, I partnered with Alice Maldonado at Golden Dragon Fly Press to produce an array of promotional products including excerpts accompanied by music. But it was my job to navigate these sites and get my story out there. This was the biggest challenge for me, one that kept me awake in the middle of the night, wide eyed and anxious. However daunting learning my way around the internet has been, it’s also been good exercise for my brain—a bit like learning a foreign language.

I celebrated my 80th birthday in April. You might ask, why take on the internet at my age. It’s simple really. I owe it to Bear Woman Rising readers. Although the pandemic made in-person book club meetings impossible, technology came to the rescue and provided an opportunity for me to participate in virtual book club meetings via Zoom. Book club members coast to coast empathized with my character’s predicaments, loved learning about the Alaskan wilderness, and could relate to the daunting challenges women faced in the 1970’s.  Nothing gives me more joy than hearing from readers—the more the merrier. So, I will keep spreading the word via the internet, and I hope you will keep reading.

Bear Woman Rising—what’s it all about?  In 1976 Yukon Territory, two very different women join forces. Jesse—a lone female scientist at an arctic outpost, single and pregnant--now on the run. Kara—an earth mother songwriter—heading to the remote northern wilderness for another Alaskan winter, her daughter on her lap and gold-mining husband at the wheel. Journey with them as they head their own ways, connected by the empowering bond of female friendship, and rising determination to pursue their dreams despite daunting obstacles.

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