Bear Woman Rising by Dorothy Staley

What readers are saying...

  • " This is a great read. Keeps you enthralled to see where the character development will take them and has great references to Alaska. Totally enjoyed this book and recommend it to all who love adventure. "

  • " Bravo, Dorothy Staley for writing such an interesting and engaging book. "

  • " The author weaves stories of two women into a magic carpet that brings the reader into aspects of life seldom experienced first hand. "

  • " This was an amazing book … Truly a powerful examination of women's roles and being set in the mid 70s gives voice to the rising women's movement that was brewing at that time. "

  • " Bear Woman Rising is one of the few books I’ve chosen to read twice! I felt I was learning so much while really enjoying the characters and their life challenges. "

  • " So many aspects captured my interest—the underlying meaning of bear woman rising, the varied characters and their development, the wonderful imagery and the realistic dialog…In short, I loved this book! "

  • " Fascinating tale "

  • " Highly recommend this well researched and personal account of Alaska, women, and the power of Nature. "

  • " This is a fantastic book, written by a woman who clearly knows her subject: Alaska and the people brave and/or brazen enough to live there. "

  • " An unexpected bonus for me was stepping into life at an Arctic research base - research projects, daily life, challenges, and, of course weather!! I liked how the author's easy dialogue helped create complex characters. "




Two Women

One Journey

Bear Woman Rising tracks the harrowing lives of two very different women who face challenges of survival in remote regions and in male dominated hierarchies of the 1970’s. Their journey attests to the power of friendship and to their determination to pursue their dreams despite daunting obstacles.

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