Truth or Consequences

Barbara Kingsolver once said that if she comes upon a fact that is not true, even in a fiction novel, she will not read another word.

Unfortunately, Kingsolver’s admonition came back to me after I had drafted a key scene in my novel, Bear Woman Rising.

As was my habit, I had shot the scene looking through the lens of my imaginary camera, a ploy I used to envision new scenes and make them come to life. For me, the camera brings me into the scene but at the same time keeps me at a necessary writer’s distance.  

In this particular scene, my heroine, Jesse, has decided to visit the Albert Einstein Memorial on her first morning in Washington, D.C. She had arrived after catching the first flight out of Barrow to Fa...

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Night Writer

Sometimes, In the middle of the night, magic happens.  Wide awake in the 2:00 AM darkness, my mind floats free and story scenes surface.  I see 18-year-old Ruth burdened by guilt because, more than anything, she wants to get away from her father’s ranch. She nurses a burning desire to see something of the world. Her desire is so consuming, she cannot reciprocate a good man’s love.

In the scene that emerged from my free-floating mind last night, Ruth and Joe, her suiter, are sitting in her brand-new Volkswagen Beetle facing one another.

                “So, got yourself some wheels. Be heading out soon? What are you thinking, big city out east?”<...

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Audiobook NOW available

NEWS FLASH!  Bear Woman Rising, Two Women One Journey is available in audiobook.

I’m thrilled to announce the audio version of my novel is out and available at Amazon, iTunes and Audible. Audible Samples are available on all sites. Hear the beginning of a powerful tale of female friendship, Alaskan wilderness, and the strength of both.

Months ago, stage and television actor Megan Cole and I began our collaboration to p...

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Bear Woman Rising, The Audiobook: Narrator Megan Cole Brings this Story to Life

Audiobooks are increasingly popular.  They allow busy book lovers to listen to stories on their commutes or in the comfort of their living rooms. For me, audiobooks bring back the radio programs that held me spellbound as a youngster. Decades later, I’m once again held spellbound whenever I listen to an audio- book bring a story to life. Determined to share that experience, I teamed up with stage and television actor Megan Cole and sound engineer Larry Schaeffer to produce an audiobook of Bear Woman Rising.

My novel became available in print and e-book formats from Amazon and Barnes & Noble online August 20, 2020. To celebrate this one-year anniversary, the time seemed right to produce the audio version of #Bear Woman Rising. A bold decision for this novice #...

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Bear Woman Rising’s One Year Anniversary!

One year ago, August 20, 2020, my novel Bear Woman Rising was published by Inword Publishers. After more than a decade spent writing and rewriting my story, the first time I held a copy of Bear Woman Rising in my hands, I felt like a new mom, proud yet uncertain how to introduce my creation to the world.

What a year it’s been!

First, I had to learn on the job how to promote my story through my website, FaceBook page, Goodreads, YouTube, and LinkedIn sites. While I provided blog texts and descriptive wording, Read More ›

When Words Take Wings

When I confided to a fellow writer that my novel would soon be published, he told me, “You know, once your story goes public, it’s no longer yours.” I knew, on some level, that he was right. Still, I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to have the words I’d so carefully chosen, the characters I’d brought to life, and the scenes that sprang from my imagination interpreted differently than I’d intended.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out.  

When Bear Woman Rising was published in August 2020 during the Pandemic, I had to abandon my plans to visit book clubs in person to promote my novel. Fortunately, technology came to the rescue. To date, via Zoom, I have visited five book clubs as guest author in a coast-to-coast virtual tou...

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Women’s History Month

March is officially International Women’s Month. We have 31 days to celebrate our contributions to medicine, science, music, literature, among the countless other arenas where we enhance our world. While one month designated to honor women is significant, we continue to persevere every day with little recognition and less pay than our male counterparts. Thank the Goddess, we do persevere and, this month, stand in the spotlight.

On January 20th I listened spellbound to Amanda Gorman read her astonishingly beautiful poetry during the inauguration. Last week, I learned that two female geneticists, Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier are the only two women who share a Nobel Prize in the history of the awards. Their prize for chemistry honors their development of a ...

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An Invitation to the Sunshine State Book Festival 2021

I invite you to check out an exciting virtual book festival featuring 100 Florida authors at www.sunshinestatebookfestival.com. This year’s festival includes author videos, links to their websites and previews of their books. I feel honored to have my novel, Bear Woman Rising, included in this year’s wide range of genres—sci-fi, romance, children’s lit, and mystery—to mention a few. This year, you can safely window shop from home in your pajamas, if you wish. I hope you will visit the Sunshine State Book Festival 2021. Simply ...

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The Chainsaw Manuscript

Less is More—Words of Wisdom When You Must Cut Words

Fifteen years ago I handed my bulky, single-spaced first draft of Bear Woman Rising to Marjorie Abrams, the mystery writer in our critique group, who bravely agreed to read it. After several weeks, somewhat bleary eyed, she heaved it into my arms and said, “I got bogged down in back story. Sorry.” As well she should have since the behemoth manuscript contained nearly 190,000 words. 

Embarrassed and discouraged, I needed time to lick my wounds before I summoned the courage to take a knife to my precious words, or more appropriately rev up my proverbial chain saw. Ultimately, over the course of the next dozen years, I managed to eliminate approximatel...

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Oh the Dread Critique Group

Whether or not to join a critique group is a big decision. Writing can be a lonely venture, especially for an extrovert like me. I was so tired of only hearing the drone of my own voice in my head, I became desperate to hear what other writers had to say about my work. So in 2001, I swallowed my fear of criticism and helped to create a five member critique group. At our first meeting I felt like I was about to toss my beloved manuscript into the proverbial lion’s den to be chewed to bits. That proved not to be true, largely because we adopted ground rules that we adhered to diligently. Rule 1:  Reviewers will point out a positive characteristic of any manuscript first. ...

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