Bear Woman Rising, The Audiobook: Narrator Megan Cole Brings this Story to Life

Audiobooks are increasingly popular.  They allow busy book lovers to listen to stories on their commutes or in the comfort of their living rooms. For me, audiobooks bring back the radio programs that held me spellbound as a youngster. Decades later, I’m once again held spellbound whenever I listen to an audio- book bring a story to life. Determined to share that experience, I teamed up with stage and television actor Megan Cole and sound engineer Larry Schaeffer to produce an audiobook of Bear Woman Rising.

My novel became available in print and e-book formats from Amazon and Barnes & Noble online August 20, 2020. To celebrate this one-year anniversary, the time seemed right to produce the audio version of #Bear Woman Rising. A bold decision for this novice #...

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Bear Woman Rising’s One Year Anniversary!

One year ago, August 20, 2020, my novel Bear Woman Rising was published by Inword Publishers. After more than a decade spent writing and rewriting my story, the first time I held a copy of Bear Woman Rising in my hands, I felt like a new mom, proud yet uncertain how to introduce my creation to the world.

What a year it’s been!

First, I had to learn on the job how to promote my story through my website, FaceBook page, Goodreads, YouTube, and LinkedIn sites. While I provided blog texts and descriptive wording, Read More ›

DO Judge My Book by Its Cover

Most people disregard the old adage, you can’t judge a book by its cover, when they shop for books. A friend once told me, “When I browse for books, I pick each one up, peruse the cover, flip it over, and read the back before I decide whether or not to take it home.” After all, a cover is an author’s only chance to make that good first impression.

Knowing the importance of first impressions, my daughter Laurie and I began discussing cover ideas for Bear Woman Rising in the fall of 2019. Although I had helped design covers for government publications, my experience was limited. But Laurie, a published author in her own right,* had worked with a wide range of cover designers and artists, and I welcomed her input. Our first challenge was to choose a cover image for my book.&nb...

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